viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014


Next Thursday Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day. They remember when the first settlers arrived to America and all the troubles they had to go through.
It’s a day to spend with your family having a special food. People travel across the country in order to meet their relatives.

We are going to learn a little poem to commemorate this festival.
We will also have a theater play and other activities.
I hope you have fun!


Many years ago the Pilgrims came.
They sailed on a ship - the Mayflower was its name.
They sailed across the Atlantic blue,
so they could worship the way they wanted to.
Many people died along the way,
and the first winter was hard they say.
The Native Americans were already here.
They helped the Pilgrims plant corn and hunt deer.
They all got together to share food and pray,
and that's why we celebrate Thanksgiving Day!

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